[Junction Link Magic] Saving Space By Sharing Folder Between AFC11 Games
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Step 1. Creating The Junction

Note: In this example, copy /Traffic/Streets/Alpen.slt in your CT5 into CT4's /Traffic/Streets/ Folder

- Locate The Folder You Want To Be Empty (/Crashtime5/Traffic in this case)

- Backup or, more sensibly, remove this folder.
- Create A new one with the name Traffic.

Now Launch Junction with Administrator Permissions.
Press "Create."

What Junction's interface looks like in Windows 10, with Create button on the right.

In the new prompt window, locate the empty folder you just created. Both criteria should be readily met.

Locate the destination folder by clicking on it:

Press "Create", and then "OK."
You should be able to see a new entry of junction and the original folder turn into a "link".

Now, while it still looks like an independent folder, it takes up no space anymore.

Now you have CT4 and 5 Sharing one copy of Traffic Files.
Interesting. Not useful for me in the case of Crash Time, but maybe for large folders like itunes like you did.

Thanks for sharing!
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