Marto xD
21.06.2020, 14:14
Hello, as you read the title, i have noticed some misspelled words in english, here they are:
First- in Profile Statistics -
''Forum Posts'' instead of ''Forumposts''
''Messenger (incoming)'' should be ''Messages (received)''
same as ''Messenger (outgoing)'' it should be ''Messenger (sent)''
''Messenger'' is a chat app
next is ''''Likes'' get:'' it should be ''likes received:''

i haven't noticed anything else misspelled

red- misspelled
yellow- not big deal

Thanks for reading!
1 mal bearbeitet, zuletzt von Marto xD am 21.06.2020 14:17
i like Koenigsegg lol
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09.09.2020, 20:00
Thanks for your contribution. I'll get into that as soon as I have some time left for this kinda stuff.


03.10.2020, 17:46
Many translations are now fixed with the todays release, thanks.


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