01.12.2018, 17:36
Have you seen that new game on Steam, called City Patrol: Police? It seems like this game has a lot of assets, textures etc from Crash Time 4 and 5. You don't even have to be extremely observant to see it. I really liked whole Crash Time series and i'm really shocked that you can now easily steal files and no one will blame you for it. What do you think, should this game be reported or something? And my second question - who has rights to this series at all? Do you think there are any chances to create new games based on the Cobra 11? I really miss this series...
1 mal bearbeitet, zuletzt von krzysio_play_crashtime am 01.12.2018 17:38
01.12.2018, 17:55
The assets have not been stolen, they have acquired a license to use the assets for their own game. Some ex-developers of Synetic are involved in the development of City Patrol: Police. Do not worry about it.
01.12.2018, 18:02
Ok, thanks. On the one hand, it's good that these files weren't abandoned, but on the other the quality of this game leaves a lot to be desired... I hope next time they will create something more ambitious :/
1 mal bearbeitet, zuletzt von krzysio_play_crashtime am 01.12.2018 18:03
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